Friday, February 12, 2010

Cinemas threaten Disney boycott

UK Cinema chains have threatened to ban Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland from their screens over a dispute with Disney.

Read more at Yahoo Movies

Edited 2/13/10: Here's the original Guardian article with a bit more detail, and the version in The Times. Thank you, Epona, for providing these links.


  1. GOODNESS!!!! Well the only thing that will happen here is that we admirers of tim and johnny will want to see it even more......goodness we never get enough of johnny here in the uk anyway so Disney SHOW THE FILM!!!!! THANKS AGAIN FOR THE INFO.....joanne

  2. If the cinemas here in the UK. Boycott Alice. My friends and i will boycott the cinemas in future. And just wait for the DVD to go on sale.

  3. Disney is stupid,geez they have the winning team of Tim and Johnny and they are screwing the Brits. This is a family style picture and they are cutting off their own legs by not letting it be seen in cinemas. Being 3D people may want to see it more than once also. Sometimes I wish Johnny would dump Disney and stick with his own production company and do what he wants,that's why he was so upset when Dick Cook was let go. Cook would not have let this occur.

  4. I want to see it. How could they do that?


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