Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Royal World Premiere - Live!

Walt Disney Pictures and visionary film-director Tim Burton bring you one of the most highly anticipated movie releases for 2010, Alice in Wonderland.

You will be able to experience the enchanting Alice In Wonderland Royal World Premiere Live via a Ustream webcast as it unfolds live from the red carpet in London.

Read more at Alice in Wonderland on facebook.

For those that plan to go to great Johnny as he arrives, I ask that you consider my request to take not what you can. Give something back.

Currently, Ustream is replaying the feed from The London Premiere.


Live Streaming by Ustream.TV


  1. I think Johnny to a smaller degree is a human mood-ring. He is fascinating to watch!

    Marielou, Denmark

  2. I watched The Ultime Fan Event Live on Ustream, I really enjoyed... and I will watch the royal premier too... I can't to see Alice in Wonderland, My best friends are comming to my city speacially to see Alice on theater with me. I'm so exited!!!

    Puerto Rico

  3. This is one of the great movie... i will be watching this ..
    Btw, when it be aired in the philippines?

  4. Keep working, great job! I honestly appreciate your time that you have put to write this post

  5. I was there, got soaked. We were there for about at eight and gave up with umbrellas by the end. We were stood where all the cars came through. Johnny was the easiest by far, he had the windows down. He didn't come down to meet us though, Charles and Camilla got there earlier than they were meant to. It was really worth going there. I watched it on facebook earlier, the crowds up top were definatley not as soggy as us! We did get some funny looks on the way back though, we looked like drowned rats and I was carrying one of the Mad hatter boards that I pulled off.



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