Sunday, December 13, 2009

Johnny Depp can't get used to winning awards

NASSAU, Bahamas — Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp suspects he'll never get used to receiving awards for his acting work.

Depp, best known for his Oscar-nominated role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" blockbusters, made the comments Sunday night before receiving a career achievement award at the Bahamas International Film Festival.

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Congratulations, Johnny!


  1. Yes - congratulations Johnny!
    I hope, we'll get some pictures from the event....i can't wait to see it -
    Johnny Depp and Sean Connery together >GOSH<

    Marielou, Denmark

  2. Johnny is a trophy himself. Who could want any better than his acting or he himself? To Marielou of Denmark...where are you? :-O
    Linda Ann Los Angeles,CA USA

  3. Have seen the pictures - I think he looks tired! - I wish him a long, nice vacation with his family:)

    For Linda:
    I'm still here - have written your e-mail a couple of times. Will write again!

    Marielou, Denmark

  4. A toast to Johnny and his continuing very successful accomplishments! :)
    For Marielou of Denmark:
    My computer is having issues with incoming/outgoing emails...go to facebook, Marielou!
    Linda Ann, Los Angeles, CA USA


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