Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In Search of Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa talks openly with London Evening Standard's reporter, Hermione Eyre about Christmas, Johnny, their family and lifestyle.

The London Evening Standard


  1. She is so cool! I kind of want to hang out with her for a day or two haha!! :) she seems really nice and very her music too!!!!


  2. I thought it was so cool of Johnny to spend 4 hours as Captain Jack Sparrow reading to the kids at the hospital. People don't hear about things like that and don't know how much he and Vanessa really do for people and charities.

  3. dear mr. depp i have watched your career grow since your debut you are an amaazing person.i wish you happiness prosperity good health to and your family. i am happy that you have kept your privacy the rags i find disgusting and i do not read them. stay true to yourself and family merry christmas and happy new years peacesincerely annie

  4. Merry Christmas lily-Rose and Jackson,
    Love Poppo Ich and Poppo John Dillenger and Poppo Sweeney and Poppo Pirates and Poppo Spencer and Poppo Blow and Poppo Sam and Poppo Gilbert and Poppo Jumpstreet and Poppo Fred Abberline


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