Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Depp, in Tokyo

Johnny attends the Tokyo premiere for Public Enemies.

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  1. and when he will come to brazil?
    probably he think that we are crazy, well, the people fom Rio de Janeiro YES, but in the south,where i live, it's a very calm place, u know, the sea, small cities, good people, i live in a city called jaraguá do sul, a lot of celebrities came here, and in the other around cities,well, it's like forks, the city from the twiligt saga, is not so cold and not so hot, it rains a lot in the winter, and we have in the spring, we have a lot of flowers, in the autumn , well the leafs don't fall, just a little part of them... in the summer we can use our beaches, some of them never discovered,that just a few people use...
    and in the south ,all thinks are better than in the other parts, the economy, the people's respect, we just don't have a lot of shopping here, just in the bigger cities, it is, i think 2 hours for a very big shopping, and 30 minutes for a not so big shoping....
    Victória, south of Brazil

  2. Right, Victoria!

    why allways Japan? - there are other countries in the world with movie-premiers and lots of fans!

    Marielou, Denmark


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