Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MTV EXCLUSIVE: 'Alice In Wonderland' Johnny Depp Q&A And Bonus Feature Clip Prepare You For June 1 DVD

Let me be clear: I really enjoyed Tim Burton's take on "Alice in Wonderland." The story delivered a worthwhile continuation of Disney's original animated film while sticking to the twistedly whimsical spirit Lewis Carroll's classic book. A lot of folks felt the same way.

Read more and view the bonus clip at MTV.com.


  1. I saw Johnny dance in "Crybaby" - he was good! - so he can dance in a movie without being computer-animated..... it is possible!

    Marielou, Denmark

  2. I think Johnny can dance pretty well, even he is not a professional dancer! I watched him in Cry Baby, Chocolat, Sweeney Todd and Public Enemies and he did a good job.

    By the way, let us vote for Johnny at MTV Movie Awards 2010, he is the real global superstar in that competition!


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