Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Join Depp Impact, Johnny's Angels and Johnny Depp in supporting Children's Hospice.

Lisa Buell's daughter, Madison, succumbed to cancer at age two and a half. That was ten years ago. There was no Children's Hospice then, but Lisa, Madison and their family were fortunate. They received support from family and friends. Lisa now works for Children's Hospice as a writer and parent's advocate. She provides support to families facing the same challenges she faced, helping them navigate the turbulent waters she once sailed.

Madison's sister Delaney's second grade class was learning about the Day of the Dead. Lisa talked to them about Madison. She told them a little about her illness. The children asked how Madison died. They talked about cancer, about how much time they spent in the hospital, how scary it was and how much they had to learn along the way. Then Lisa told them that she works for Children's Hospice. This is how she explained to them what Children's Hospice does:

"When the kids asked how I helped people, I gave the analogy of doing a puzzle. 'Would it be easier for a person to do a puzzle who had never done it before or for the person who had?' I asked. It was unanimous; all of the kids voted in favor of the experienced Puzzlemaster. 'What if you could talk with the people who made the puzzle?,' I asked. Again, they agreed. Well, I explained one of my jobs is get to let doctors know about the pieces of the puzzle that don’t fit very well and help to get them changed."

Lisa talked with the children about community and how important it is to help people in need, even if you don't know them. The children understood.

Johnny understands. He supports the greater community through many charitable acts, most recently with the Captain Jack Sparrow egg for The Royal Blind School. He visits sick children in London's Great Ormand Street Hospital dressed as Jack Sparrow. He grants wishes through Make A Wish. He shows his support for Children's Hospice by wearing Dustin's "Today is a gift" bracelet often.

Johnny's Angels understands. They honor Johnny by supporting Children's Hospice with numerous fundraisers year round. Knowing that they make a difference is their only reward.

We can show we understand. We can show our support. We can join Johnny's Angels, Johnny and Children's Hospice. Together we can make a difference. No donation is too small.

Please give before the promotion ends on Johnny's birthday, June 9th.

Click here to donate.

To read more about Lisa, Madison, Delaney and the Day of the Dead, click here.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. We so appreciate your spreading the word about us and the importance and meaning of Children's Hospice and why we are so dedicated to this cause. xoxox


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