Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Johnny Depp in February's GQ magazine

Johnny Depp leads the list of the 25 Most Stylist Men in the World in 2010, according to the February GQ, out Jan. 26.
A bare-chested Depp graces the magazine cover in a photo by Patrick DeMarchelier.

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  1. if Johnny ever reads the article..i bet he would be laughing...Johnny wears some odd clothes but the Man shines through it doesnt need the glitz like some other stars...thanks Johnny for being you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hello,
    Re: the statements about GQ going to the tweens.
    Please explain this tween business.
    When I was that age I was crushing on people who were in their late teens except for hero worship of astronauts.
    Someone as old as Johnny would have been an old man.

  3. johnny won't be an old man to me EVER
    he is an incredible actor
    and is incredibly good looking
    i know he hates teenage girls crushing on him
    but this girl can't help herself -erika

  4. It's a great picture of a guy who's good in his own skin - big genuine grin, cigarettes and wine at the ready. Nobody even comes close to Johnny Depp.

  5. Am I the only one who noticed he got his teeth fixed? or whitened? or both? OMG thats all I have to say, that was the only thing i didnt like about him, so now? hes a total 11...lol


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