Thursday, January 7, 2010

Depp named favorite movie actor at 'People's Choice Awards'

Here are links to a few articles about The People's Choice Awards last night:

Cinemablend (for Sasha's presentation)

The Toronto Star

The Cleveland Plain Dealer


  1. congrats johnny
    yes he is
    he is greatest actor of the decade
    johnny is amazingly AWESOME
    we all love you johnny
    keep going
    love you johnny

  2. I would have been amazed if he hadn't won, with all our fervent voting and unabashed lobbying - heaven knows I can't count the number of votes I cast.

  3. Love you Johnny your the best.

  4. i know johnny depp is the best n i 2 forgot how many times i voted 4 him i think they were like more than 20 he deserves it he is da best i louve johnny

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  6. to all previous posters on this subject,
    ok, i messed up! i appoligize! i got my ammendments wrong!! i hang my head in shame. i meant the 1st, not the 5th! sorry, but i have been frustrated, and got ahead of myself. anyway, i'm sure if this is posted, you get the message! thank you sirap

  7. O.K. Sirap, - you've had your say......
    GOSH! that was interesting!

    Marielou, Denmark

  8. Due to the lack of respect shown in the above deleted comments, I have found it necessary to put this blog on full moderation. I apologize to the many who are respectful for the inconvenience.



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