Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why Jonathan Pryce does not envy the young stars of today

JOHNNY DEPP may be a multi-millionaire Hollywood heartthrob, but Jonathan Pryce has revealed how he feels sorry for him.

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  1. We didn't discover how good "Pirates..." were -we discovered how good Johnny Depp was!!


    Marielou, Denmark

  2. Yes the whole fame thing is very strange. My husband's distant cousin is a Canadian actress for T.V and stage. We we met her for dinner after the show she performed named "Shirley Valentine" and everyone was starring at us, presumably because we were with her. People kept coming up using any excuse to speak to us. I hated it. Maybe because I knew the attention was only because of the celebrity thing, not because people wanted to speak to us as fellow human beings. I'm a very out going and social person normally. I like attention but this was different.It was weird. It made me realise what celebrity people have to cope with. I didn't know Johnny Depp back then, apart from Edward Scissorhands. Back looking back at my experience I can get some small idea of how he feels. Also, I was President of a community association in Canada's Silicon Valley for three years and on a tiny level I experienced something similar. People treated me very different because of my position. As soon as I was no longer president I was almost invisable. Human nature is interesting indeed.

  3. I think choosing acting as a career or any artistic endevore is as hazardous as coal mining, they also both tend to be professions that run in families for generations. I can see what Johnny Depp means when he says his greatest fear is his kids will become entertainers. His children will have to endure the hazards of tight spaces and walls closing in.

  4. I have heard that a cousin of mine is trying to get her daughter into show business and she's just in her teens. I can't imagine why anyone would want their kid in this business to badly that they would trapse back and forth to auditions etc. as a regular routine.

  5. Oh he'd be right about the pirates thing if there WERE other, good, and original things to be discovered. Studios need to make money and so they go for what sells, we're actually lucky Pirates made that kind of money or we never would've seen more, no matter HOW good they were. I personally think if done right, it'll be worth it.
    As for fame, it is a strange and sad side effect of entertainment but some people, johnny probably one of them, just belong "on a stage." not for the attention, but for the personal gratification of what they create, of being in that moment. It's unlike anything else. And yes, hazardous in it's own way.


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