Friday, November 27, 2009

Brando, Depp, the missing millions and Divine Rapture, the missing movie

...Back in 1995, Johnny Depp, Debra Winger, and Marlon Brando rolled into town to make a film called Divine Rapture. Ballycotton looked set to become an Irish landmark in the manner of Cong in County Mayo, which hosted John Wayne's The Quiet Man, or Dingle in Kerry, where David Lean filmed Ryan's Daughter. But there are no mementos or tourist memorabilia in Ballycotton because Divine Rapture was never completed: the production packed up and left with only two weeks of film in the can.

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  1. but they filmed something?

  2. there's a rumor that johnny depp will be co-staring in a film called the tourist, along side angelina jolie....

  3. Yes, there was some footage filmed but never came to light. As for the rumour about The Tourist, it's just that, rumours. Johnny Depp has not signed anything yet.

  4. Vanessa Paradis has not accompanied Johnny on several of his appearances in the last few months. Does anyone know why?

    Scott Lemon

  5. It is not uncommon for Johnny to make public appearances without Vanessa, Scott. The reasons why are really only their concern.


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