Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Depp Impact now brings you news updates via Facebook!

Up to the minute Johnny Depp News now available on Facebook! Depp Impact Facebook

We are pleased and excited to announce that Johnny Depp News Updates will now be brought to you through our Facebook page. You will still be able to keep up on all the news right here on Depp, but with the convenience of linking directly from here to the news source instead of going to Blogger first. If you have a Facebook account, you have the added benefit of "liking" Depp Impact to receive our News Updates directly to your News Feed, leave messages on Depp Impact's wall and be part of a growing community of people who share your interest in Johnny Depp. We are confident you will be as pleased with the upgrade as we are.


  1. Allow me to be frank...
    I liked it better, when we didn't have to have a facebook profile to write a comment!
    Not everybody has a facebook profile and not everybody wants one..
    If you're famous and want to stay hidden, if you haven't got time for one - then you don't get one just to write a comment on Depp Impact!
    I haven't got time for one - and basically I write comments on this site from my work computer. On my work it's forbidden to go on facebook!
    Untill resently this was the only fansite, where you could write a comment without being registered...I thought that was a great thing.

    Marielou, Denmark

  2. I'm sorry for your inconvenience, Marielou.

    It is unfortunate that for any decision made some will like it and others won't. Since you have been such a loyal follower and commenter here, I feel remorse over your displeasure.

    The decision to use Facebook for news updates came after considering many factors, including the redundancy of having three avenues for distributing Depp-related news - this blog, Depp Impact's Forums and Facebook, the popularity of Depp Impact's Forums and Facebook page, and very little participation from readers here.

    I do hope you will continue to keep up on the news via the Facebook feed on Depp Impact's main page - you can read the articles on the original source by clicking on the title in the feed - and continue to participate on Depp Impact's Forums.


  3. I found depp impact on facebook and I posted on the wall. What I posted disappeared. Anyone know why?

  4. Thank you Susan!
    O.K. - I realize that you made the best out of 3 choices .... and maybe I'm just a little old fashioned :)
    I think, you're doing a great job, taking care of Depp Impact - especially now that it has become one of the largest fansites on the net!
    and I just couldn't imagine life without it!

    Marielou, Denmark