Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pirates of the Carribbean [sic] 4 Wraps Shooting Friday on Oahu

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides wraps its location filming on Oahu this Friday the 13th. With filming throughout the week taking place in a large warehouse near Honolulu International Airport where some mega sets have been built, this is what will be the last scenes filmed in the islands.

To read more, visit Aloha Update.


  1. Oh, Good one, gl;ad to see the movie coming along on chart8ing course...................ship full pirate ahead.....

  2. Can't wait to get to see this movie! Thanks for keeping us posted on everything!

    xx Annika:-)

  3. So excited for POTC 4...Love Johnny and those movies in particular.

  4. saw johnny with his fans in hawii. the gentle kindness he showed to them was so moving. sweet spirit johnny depp. love you always. victoria.

  5. Please does anyone know if it is true that they are going to Edinburgh to film part of POTC4. Thank You.


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