Sunday, June 6, 2010

Who Will Be 2010 MTV Movie Awards' Global Superstar?

Stardom comes in many different shapes and sizes, and the 2010 MTV Movie Awards pay tribute to all of them. There's Breakthrough success, the acclaim that comes from a star-making turn or performance in a film. There's Badass success — which certainly should speak for itself.

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  1. I know these are MTV awards, but they're all kids, but for Johnny, with no past experience or appeal beyond that of their own age group.

  2. "Alice" was totally robbed! Vampires, werewolves (But love Taylor), and wizards are taking over. Nooooo! Anyway, congrats to "Alice" and Helena for the nominations:)

  3. was johnny at the mtv awards lastnight

  4. Yesterday I saw glimpses of Johnny Depp in
    Lost in La Mancha, unfortunately the movie never finished. Needless to say it was great too see Johnny behind the set trying to film this movie. While filming it had set back after set back until it just became impossible to complete.

    Hours later I went to bed and once I awoke I remember I had a dream about Johnny and I'm still fussy on details??? maybe I was his girlfriend? dreams are weird I just remember staring into his eyes and being so close with him and I was thinking WOW I Love you and this is too good to be true. Well it was too good to be true, but I'll take any dream involving the two of us anytime...
    Thanks Johnny


  5. RE: MTV Movie Awards-Johnny was the only one who deserves to be called a Global Superstar.
    Along his career he has given life to memorable and special characters who have marked the history of cinema. What have R. Pattinson, K. Stewart and the others created so far? They could be called young emerging actors, but certainly not GLOBAL SUPERSTARS. Johnny is the real Global Superstar, and every movie connoisseur realizes this.


  6. That must have been a wonderfull dream, Monica!
    You're very fortunate :)



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